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Onyx ESD™

Stronger, stiffer, and ESD resistant Onyx variant for industrial applications

Onyx ESD is the among most advanced polymers we’ve ever developed. It’s precision-engineered to possess an extremely tight range of surface resistance — meeting ESD-safe requirements of the most stringent manufacturers — while offering the same industry leading benefits that Onyx offers. In fact, it’s actually stronger and stiffer than Onyx with the same near perfect surface finish, making it the go-to material for advanced applications.

Onyx ESD is a unique material with specialized material properties. To better understand how we conducted surface resistance testing and other more detailed material properties, download the supplemental datasheet below.


  • Vacuum Grippers
  • Transfer Tools
  • Pick and Place
  • Transfer and Packaging Trays
  • Electronics Enclosures

Works with:

FX20™ X7™ X5™ X3™
Surface Resistance



Markforged Onyx ESD

Flexural Strength

Markforged Onyx ESD

Onyx ESD™ : $230/800cc

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