HSHT Fiberglass

HSHT Fiberglass Filament

HSHT fiberglass material delivers the highest impact resistance and heat deflection temperature of our continuous fibers.
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Impact Resistance
Reinforced with

HSHT Fiberglass

HSHT-reinforced Onyx, PLA, and ABS are each heated to 300 F. Unlike typical 3D printed parts, Onyx reinforced with HSHT fiberglass material retains its rigidity.

When To 3D Print With HSHT Fiberglass Material

With superior heat resistance and a flexural strength that is second only to carbon fiber, HSHT fiberglass is ideal for applications requiring high heat and impact resistance or high elasticity.
Welding fixtures
Thermoset molds
Mold inserts

Application Spotlight

Humanetics, a supplier of crash test dummies, 3D prints long-lasting, cost-effective thermoset molds with HSHT fiberglass-reinforced Onyx. Printing the mold on a Markforged X7 offers reliable tooling with massive cost savings: it is 100x less expensive and 5x times faster than traditional methods.
HSHT Fiberglass


What is high strength high temperature (HSHT) fiberglass?

Extremely thin strands of glass bundled together into a fiber. Fiberglass is traditionally used in composites for boat, automobile, and aircraft manufacture.

How strong is high strength high temperature fiberglass?

HSHT fiberglass has a flexural strength of 420 MPa (71 ksi) and a tensile strength of 600 MPa (87 ksi). For more information on HSHT fiberglass material properties, check out the data sheet.

HSHT fiberglass
 is only compatible with our Industrial Series machines.
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Compatible with our 万博官方网 X system.
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