Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Filament

Our stiffest, strongest fiber with the highest strength-to-weight ratio.
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Carbon Fiber

Impact Resistance
Reinforced with

Carbon Fiber

12.5 kg (27.5) lb) hung from both a 7 g carbon-fiber-reinforced Onyx sample (left) and a 12 g aluminum sample (right).

When To 3D Print With Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber material is strong enough to replace aluminum at half the weight; use it when you want superior stiffness and minimal deflection.
Robotic arms
Forming tools
Inspection fixtures
End use parts

Application Spotlight

Haddington Dynamics is a company that developed Dexter, a 3D printed robotic arm made almost entirely out of Markforged parts. Reinforced with continuous carbon fiber filament material, the arm is stiff and lightweight enough for the robot to have a precision of 50 microns (about 0.002″).
Carbon Fiber


What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is a thin filament made up of carbon atoms organized into a crystalline structure. Because of its very high stiffness and strength it is widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries.

How strong is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber has a flexural strength of 540 MPa (78.3 ksi) which is more than 6 times greater than parts printed in only Onyx. It's tensile strength is 800 MPa (116.0 ksi) more than twice the ultimate tensile strength of aluminum. To learn more about carbon fiber material properties, check out the data sheet.

How much does carbon fiber filament cost?

A 50cc spool is $150 and a 150cc spool is $450.

Carbon fiber
 is only compatible with our Industrial Series machines.
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Compatible with our 万博官方网 X system.
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