The world’s strongest 3D printing materials

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Industrial 3D Printing 万博官方网

Engineering-grade materials enable you to use 3D printing to make parts suitable for every stage in the manufacturing process.
Robot arm with 3D printed composite parts
3D printed metal parts
Mobius2 flyer

Engineering-Grade Thermoplastic

Onyx, Markforged‘s nylon thermoplastic infused with chopped carbon fiber, is the key to achieving strong, durable prints.

Reinforcing Fibers

Markforged 万博官方网站链接 allow you to reinforce Onyx thermoplastic parts with continuous, long-strand fibers.

3D Printable 万博官方网 万博官方网

From stainless steels to superalloys, Markforged offers a full suite of metal 3D printing materials designed to help you manufacture complex parts affordably.

Data sheets

For more information on our 3D printing materials, download our data sheets.