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Image of a motor mount part in Blacksmith, Markforged's AI software

Adaptive Manufacturing

Our custom AI for adaptive manufacturing allows our customers to produce the right part every time

Blacksmith makes manufacturing machines 'aware' by connecting machines that make parts and inspection equipment with a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. Blacksmith automatically adjusts programming to ensure every part is produced as designed.

Image of a wrench in Blacksmith, Markforged's AI software

Close the loop with adaptive manufacturing

Blacksmith creates a continuous feedback loop to make parts more accurate. It analyzes a design, compares it to the scanned part, and automatically adapts the end-to-end process to produce in-spec parts. Blacksmith learns continually and adapts to variations in the process over the lifetime of your machine.

Grow expertise at the speed of global production

Markforged’s AI solution gets smarter with every part, meaning it learns at the speed of global production. Blacksmith makes the world’s factories more efficient, accelerates time to market, and reduces the cost of production.

Next generation 万博官方网 3D Printing

Blacksmith revolutionizes the newest technologies for metal 3D printing. The latest breakthrough methods all require sintering — a process that notoriously distorts parts. Blacksmith will eliminate this challenge and deliver precise parts post-sintering.

Image representing a person scanning a motor mount part