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                It starts with strong parts.
                Then it gets better.

                The Digital Forge Platform

                Precision machines that consistently improve.

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                万博官方网 s. Continuous fiber. Composites. All at your command.

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                Image of a lifter prototype in Eiger, Markforged's 3D printer software

                Software that dovetails into your workflow.

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                Turnkey Simplicity

                The Digital Forge is purpose-built to integrate quickly and seamlessly into your manufacturing ecosystem.

                Robust Parts

                Print repeatable, production-quality parts using materials curated for durability and strength.

                Perpetual ROI

                See returns in weeks, not years. Keep increasing your bottom line with consistently improving machines and streamlined operations.

                Unlocked Potential

                Transform your supply chain, unleash workforce creativity, and create a culture of innovation.

                We work with

                Let’s get started.

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